ShipItDone moves to Moshannon Valley Enterprise Center

26 Apr 2021 02:52 PM By Marshall Taplits

By Mikayla Heiss

PHILIPSBURG — ShipItDone, which stores and ships inventory for various customers, gained a foothold at the Moshannon Valley Enterprise Center.

The business, owned by Hongxia Wang and her husband Marshall Taplits, needed warehouse space after starting out last year. Expensive prices in State College caused some problems until the couple found the Moshannon Valley Enterprise Center.

“We started driving around in Philipsburg, one stop away, and the doors started opening up,” Taplits explained.

The business now occupies 3,000 square feet at the Moshannon Valley Enterprise Center, a facility of the Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership.

“They needed a place, so our enterprise center was a good fit for them,” said Executive Director Stan LaFuria.

The space is being rented while ShipItDone seeks their own place.

The pandemic, along with other factors, has had a large impact on the e-commerce industry, according to Taplits. It taxed the import-export business, leading to high prices and delays.

“With everything going on,” Taplits said, “people are looking for more options.”

Locating the business on the east coast was a strategic move. People wanting two-day shipping anywhere need a warehouse in the east and west coast, noted Taplits. The new warehouse in Philipsburg hasn’t seen any hyperlocal competition, according to Taplits.

When the couple moved to the U.S. after living in China, they decided Pennsylvania was the state for them. The Moshannon Valley region also had an allure to Taplits, who is a Penn State alumni.

The U.S. offers increased educational opportunities for the family, and the Pennsylvania area is cheaper than Taplits’ home state of New Jersey.

The Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership helped open up doors for ShipItDone.

“They seem very helpful and very dedicated to Philipsburg,” Taplits said.

The atmosphere surrounding Philipsburg gives Taplits hope.

“When I walk around the downtown area, I kind of see a hidden gem,” Taplits explained. “I think Philipsburg is going to be on the up and over the next few years as more economic activity migrates this way.”

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